Background Checks (Fingerprinting)

Address:  2630 West 13th Street, Ashtabula, OH 44004


The Ashtabula County Educational Service Center  conducts background checks by appointment only.  Please call (440) 576-9023 Ext. 5573 or email  No walk-ins will be permitted.


Please adhere to the following changes in procedures due to the COVID-19 regulations:
  • Face coverings are now required in order to enter the ESC Campus.
  • Only the person being fingerprinted is permitted in the building. Please do not bring guests with you.
  • Please bring your own pen to fill out the paperwork.
  • Driver’s license or state ID and Social Security number required.
  • Please bring the exact amount of money with you if possible.
  • Payment method is cash or money order (made payable to the “Ashtabula County Educational Service Center”) — no personal checks accepted.

Ohio Background Check    $25.00
FBI Background Check     $40.00
Ohio and FBI Background Check    $60.00

  • If you misplace your copy of your background check and need another copy, the cost will be $5.00 cash or money order before your copy is released.

Instructions for School Personnel:

  • Ohio law requires that all individuals must have a baseline Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and FBI criminal background check at the time they apply for their first Ohio educator license or permit, and those BCI and FBI background checks must be no older than one year (365 days) at the time they are used for initial licensure.
  • If an individual then resides continuously in Ohio, he or she does not need to update the BCI background check, but must obtain an updated FBI check once every five years.
  • If an individual lives outside Ohio at any time during the five years after obtaining a BCI check, then both background checks will need to be updated.
  • This applies to all individuals holding a state of Ohio educator license or permit, including a non-tax certificate (no expiration date), a permanent certificate (no expiration date) and an eight-year professional certificate.
  • It is the responsibility of educators holding ODE licenses, certificates or permits, as well as their employers, to ensure that the law is followed with regard to obtaining required updated background checks within the five year timeframe prescribed by law, even if the expiration of a background check does not always coincide with the expiration of the license.

School Bus Drivers:   Ohio Revised Code requires employers to conduct criminal background checks on individuals applying for or employed in a position as a driver of a vehicle used for pupil transportation. Those completed background checks must be requested prior to the person’s hiring, and every six years thereafter.

Should you have any questions, please email