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Happy Hearts - what we do:

Happy Hearts Academy is a public educational facility and incorporates several satellite classrooms located within Ashtabula County. Happy Hearts provides a nurturing individualized educational environment for students age 5 to 22 with developmental disabilities.


The school-age classrooms offer specifically trained and certified licensed teachers, specially designed curriculum, life skills, self-care, and community skills training along with physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, vision mobility, and nursing services in order to meet the needs of the county’s special education students.



The school is designed to support all of the developmentally disabled students in Ashtabula county. It is operated by The Ashtabula County Educational Service Center and in collaboration with Ashtabula Area City, Buckeye Local, Conneaut Area City, Geneva Area City, Grand Valley Local, Jefferson Area Local, and Pymatuning Valley Local school districts.

The Story of Happy Hearts School as it has been written into the history of Ashtabula County.

It began when few believed individuals with disabilities deserved the right to public education and a brighter future. In March of 1954, a small group of parents met and formed The Ashtabula Council for Retarded Children (ARC). In March 1955, Happy Hearts School opened its doors as the first School for children with disabilities in Ashtabula County. It began in the basement of the Methodist Church on Elm Street and was attended by five students. The School became an example of all the love, commitment, and determination of parents and community members who persisted and prevailed in accomplishing their goal that ultimately opened the School's doors.

From 1956-1967 Happy Hearts School was hosted in various locations. In 1968 the Ashtabula County Commissioners built The Happy Hearts and Ashcraft campus on the corner of South Ridge and Green road in Kingsville twp. The School remained in that location for 51 years. Again In 2019, our families, the Ashtabula County Educational Service Center, and all of the public schools in Ashtabula County are under the care of our community. Happy Hearts moved to its current location and is now serving 104 students. Today we are able to celebrate 66 years of uninterrupted service to our children. We continue with that same love, commitment, and determination. To provide the very best for all of those children who attend our School.

And for all of us here who serve….we take it as a great honor and a privilege to be part of Happy Hearts.

Contact Happy hearts

2630 West 13th Street, Suite A

Ashtabula, OH 44004
Phone:  (440) 998-0303

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